Aadujeevitham- The Goat Life Box Office Collection

4 Weeks Box office Collection-

RegionGross Collection
Hindi Net₹55 Lakh
Kerala₹75.30 Cr
Karnataka₹6 Cr
Tamil Nadu₹8.35 Cr
Rest of India₹6.45 Cr
Overseas₹59 Cr
Total₹155.10 Cr

Aadujeevitham- The Goat Day Wise Collection-

DayIndia Gross Collection
Day 1₹8.60 Cr
Day 2₹7.30 Cr
Day 3₹9.15 Cr
Day 4₹10.05 Cr
Day 5₹6.30 Cr
Day 6₹4.95 Cr
Day 7₹4.55 Cr
Week 1₹50.90 Cr
Day 8₹3.55 Cr
Day 9₹3.15 Cr
Day 10₹4.40 Cr
Day 11₹5.60 Cr
Day 12₹2.35 Cr
Day 13₹2.40 Cr
Day 14₹4.30 Cr
Week 2₹25.75 Cr
Week 3₹14.35 Cr
Week 4₹5.10 Cr
Total₹96.10 Cr

Verdict – Blockbuster

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